4th November 1918

Our vision for November 2018

The actions on the 4th November 1918 are often overlooked by the media save for the death of the poet Wilfred Owen. A huge number of British servicemen were involved in the final large scale operation of the war yet little is known by the general public about this important phase of the final allied 100 day offensive.
Dav first visited Englefontaine in September 2014 as a tour guide for work collegues interested in the First World War. The village is off the beaten track for battlefield tourers and very few visit the cemetery there from year to year. As part of the tour preparation Dav researched the events of the 4th November, specifically the 16th Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
Dav returned to the Mormal Forest with Jon Gliddon on a tour to research the involvement of Herman Pike in the assault of 4th November. Herman was injured in the attack and survived the war.
During our visit to Locquignol, Dav and Jon were privileged to meet key individuals from the village to discuss the events as they unfolded 98 years ago.
Working in partnership with the village of Locquignol the aim is to bring relatives of those who fought and died on that day to the locations of the operation, to relive the days events and to commemorate those who lost their lives to liberate the forest and its villages.
Through research and information sharing this website will be a lasting memorial to those men who were involved in the fight. By reaching out to the families of these servicemen we can build a detailed database of the soldiers and the attack and publicise the event on 4th November 2018.
Jon in Locquignol
Meet The Team
Jon Gliddon
Jon Gliddon
Jon is a retired mining engineer and now a published author. Family tree research is a passion particularly for those relatives who fought in WW1. There was little family information about the exploits of  his maternal grandfather Herman Alfred Pike (1899-1960).
Working from Ancestry records and with the Dorsetshire Regiment archive and museum (at The Keep), Jon was able to determine that Herman served in ‘A’ Company the 6th Dorsetshire Regiment and was wounded on the 4th November 1918 north west of  Locquignol in the Mormal Forest.  

And that’s when Dav came in. A field visit to the area in 2015 was a very poignant and humbling experience, enriched by Dav’s extensive archive of diaries and trench maps.
Meeting with some of the Locquignol dignitaries we determined then and there that the brave men and boys that fought that day deserved to be remembered one hundred years on.
Special Interest: 6th Dorsetshire Regiment
Dav Baulch
Dav Baulch
Dav started researching WW1 soldiers for family and friends in 2012. Dav has 18 family members involved in the Great War and helping others research their relatives has become a passion.
Dav set up a battlefield tour and research company in 2014. Two tours took him to the Mormal Forest and the often unheard story of 4th November 1918.
Although he has no relatives who were engaged at Englefontaine or Locquignol the region continues to draw his attention.
In 2015 Dav was honoured to bring the families of two casualties, who lie only several graves apart in Englefontaine, together on a tour to the region.
Special Interest: Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Dav Baulch
David and Gill Lindsay
David is a retired GP; Gill a nurse and writer. In retirement they became interested in World War One and have researched all the men on their village war memorial and the  local VAD nurses.

In November 2014 they presented a Memorial book to the local British Legion; the book has a page on each of the 42 men from Evercreech who died in WW1.

After the discovery of a Dorsetshire regiment soldier’s letters in a family attic they became involved in the 4th November group and intend to represent their family at the planned events in France.

Gill has written a number of books including a biography, which honed her research skills, David  uses his scientific background to pursue facts.