4th November 1918

Commemorating the Battle of the Sambre in the Forest of Mormal

On the morning of the 4th November 1918 the last major British offensive of the Great War began. 17 British Divisions attacked on a 40 mile front with an objective to break the German Army and force an end to the war. This website is dedicated to the actions in and around the Mormal Forest and the men who fought and fell in the battle, so close to the end of hostilities.
On 4th November 2018 a commemorative event will take place in the Mormal Forest in partnership with the village of Locquignol. We aim to unite as many relatives of the soldiers who took part in the attack as possible, especially those men which lie in the cemeteries around the region.
Meet the Soldiers
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Mud, Blood and Bayonet: The Story of the 6th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment, 1918 day by day

The Keep
Dive into the events of 1918 and follow the 6th Dorsetshire Regiment as they advance across France with the leading resource on the subject, written by our very own Jon Gliddon.

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4thNovember1918 in Partnership with
The Keep Military Museum

We are honoured to be working in partnership with The Keep Military Museum in Dorchester to bring our 2018 event to the public. The dedicated researchers and staff at this incredible museum have been a great inspiration to us as this project has developed.

Please take the time to explore their website and if you can make it to Dorchester this museum should be top of your list for places to visit. It is, in our opionion, one of the best Regimental Museums in the UK. If you have an interest in the Dorsetshire Regiment this is the first stop for any researcher.

The Keep

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